Presenting Your Paper

Each Full Track and Short Track paper accepted for the conference is allocated a time for authors to deliver a presentation on their paper.

The presentation schedule is available elsewhere on the website.

All papers will be presented orally - there will be no poster presentations.

Each paper is allocated a slot of 20 minutes, to be made up of 15 minutes presentation time and 5 minutes discussion/questions and changeover.

We would usually allocate six papers to a two-hour session, or four papers to a 1.5 hour session, but sometimes it is impossible to timetable this exactly, so there might be fewer. In such a case the sesion chair might be a little more lax about time.

A dataprojector and laptop will be available. The laptop will carry a copy of Microsoft Powerpoint Viewer, allowing the presentation to be viewed via the provided data projector. However, it may not have a full version of Powerpoint, so you will not be able to edit your presentation.

You may bring your presentation on a USB flashdrive and upload it onto the computer during the coffee break just before the start of your session. This will also give you the opportunity to meet the session chair. Alternatively it may be possible to deliver the presentation from your own laptop if you prefer.

Some presentations may be videoed and excerpts or full presentations made available after the conference on the website. We may also publish the slides of your presentation on the website. Please let us know if either of these things is likely to be a problem for you.